Welcome to “What’s New”

We’ve been busy behind the scenes at iCOR HQ. Here’s a quick overview of recent developments and things you might have missed over the past months. We’ll do a deep-dive into some of these features soon to show you how they’ll make your compliance journey easier.

Site Controllers
Site Managers are now Site Controllers, and there can be more than one. Controllers can do everything that Managers could do previously, including assign and approve actions, and perform audits. Multiple controllers can complete an audit but iCOR will make sure only one Controller is performing the audit at once, so there are no conflicts. To assign a Colleague as a Site Controller, go to your Site Settings and under Site Controllers, tick the box next to your Colleague. If that Colleague doesn’t exist in your site, you can scroll down further and add them to the list.

Record of Reviews Acknowledgement
Site Controllers can now acknowledge they’ve read and understood the updated record of reviews. This will be recorded in the timeline and will be a valuable record of evidence for external auditors that you are maintaining awareness of the legislation. Each time an update has been made at the end of the month, a little red notification dot will appear next to the Legal Register menu item to show that you can mark this as acknowledged.

Filter for timeline
iCOR has had this in place for a while now, but you might have missed it. At the top of the Timeline there’s a “Filter items” button that will allow you to filter the timeline entries by type, within a date range, or just since you completed your last audit. This should really help you to start identifying some important trends in your compliance journey, and it’s the beginning of our mission to use your data to help inform your decisions and actions. Stay tuned!

“This question may have changed”
The next time you audit, you’ll notice a lot of the questions will have another of our new features. In order to deter the quick skipping through of previously answered questions where something important may have changed, we’ve added an orange banner to the top of any question that we have revised since your last audit. So – if a threshold for packaging has changed, or we’ve included more information to help inform your answers, this banner will pop up. Take a bit of extra time to make sure your previous answer is still correct.

As we’ve been on a mission to add even more education and clarity to our audit, this will appear on quite a few questions if it’s been a while since your last audit!

Scottish legislation
We’ve expanded our offering to Scottish sites – so if you have a site in Scotland that needs iCOR, we’ve got you covered! Get in touch if you want to learn more.

Small sites
Do you have secondary sites, satellite sites, temporary sites or even vessels? They could take advantage of our operational level module, or our “Small Sites Environmental Audit”. Get in touch if this might be of interest!

We’re working on some helpful resources that will specifically help to integrate iCOR into your ISO14001 Management System. These procedures address non-conformities and corrective actions, indident reporting, managing compliance obligations, and more. They will address specific requirements and clauses within ISO14001 and further help you to demonstrate your compliance and how you manage, audit, streamline and standardise your obligations.

Helpful previous answers
In your audit, where helpful, we’re pulling through your answer to a previous question, to clarify your next answer. So, for example, if you have listed some ‘other’ hazardous waste that your site produces, when you are then asked for the details of the waste contractors for these, we’ve brought back your list so you don’t miss out anything important.

What’s new section
You’ve found this bit already! This is where we’ll make announcements, update notes, and communicate any significant news. Again when there’s something new, you’ll see a red dot to indicate that there’s something worth looking at!

And that’s everything! We’d love to hear your feedback. If you’ve got any more suggestions for us, or if you want to know more about our new features, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.