iCOR – Pioneering software for enhanced protection against environmental prosecution

iCOR is developed by environmental legislation professionals whose primary goal is to evaluate your environmental performance, free from judgement, helping you develop a truly effective action plan to stay compliant.

What iCOR does

  • Creates environmental compliance obligation registers for UK businesses and manufacturers
  • Specifically focuses on ISO14001 clauses that organisations struggle the most with, for example:
    • Clause 6.1.3 Compliance Obligations
      Organisations are required to have access to, and maintain awareness of environmental legislation. Answering to iCOR’s simple audit builds your organisation’s bespoke compliance register.
    • Clause 6.1.4 Planning Action
      This clause looks at how your organisation’s environmental action plan and its implementation into the Environmental Management System (EMS) and the organisations’ processes. iCOR determines the sufficiency of your controls and write your compliance statements, and tells if not all regulatory requirements are met.
    • Section 7 Support
      This section relates to resource allocation, competency, awareness and communication, all supported via iCOR’s Action Planning function, and mechanisms for team collaboration. Often, solutions for compliance when planning action are additional training and communication strategies to support the EMS.
    • Clause 9.1.2 Evaluation of compliance
      Your answers to iCOR’s simple questionnaire about your organisation’s business activities builds a bespoke register and compliance statements to reflect your processes, which can then be certified by ISO auditors. Suggested 1 day per audit, and repeat every 6-12 months.
    • Clause 9.1.1 Monitoring, measuring, analysis and evaluation
      This clause requires the audit results are accurate and consistent for the ease of reporting well-reported and trends detection/identification. iCOR graphically represents the audit results to easily interpret your current ‘status of compliance’ showing areas of conformity, non-conformity, open and closed actions, etc. iCOR’s timeline function also tracks progress over time.
    • Clause 10.2 Non-conformity and corrective action
      This clause states the organisation must implement procedures for the management of non-conformities and consistent corrective behaviour with preventative decisions – iCOR identifies your compliance status. Any Non-Conformities (NC) are transposed into the action planner, allowing the site manager to assign actions, set deadlines and monitor progress. A resolved issue becomes a compliance statement on your register.
      iCOR’s special incident reporting function allows to raise and address environmental concerns outside of the structured audit to ensure that issues are managed pro-actively and evidence is obtained.
    • Clause 10.3 Continual improvement
      An important clause from an ISO14001 perspective – requires continual improvement, best facilitated through internal audits, compliance evaluation, performance assessment, management reviews, etc. To improve, the organisation needs to take action to correct mistakes, innovate, reorganise aspects that don’t work, and continually improve – all of which is supported via iCOR.
  • Involves all the necessary staff into action
  • Updates your team on all the upcoming legislation relevant to your business

Why choose iCOR?

iCOR is part of your team, managing compliance risk and supporting organisational sustainability strategies.

iCOR makes legislation and compliance easy and accessible via intelligent auditing, action planning and monitoring of progress.

iCOR encourages collaboration, allowing you to efficiently resolve environmental non-compliances within your organisation.

How iCOR works

1: Answer the questions to determine which specific legislation applies to your organisation. iCOR will automatically connect your answers to its extensive legal database and create your audit.

2: iCOR builds a bespoke legal register for your organisation, highlighting only the relevant pieces of legislation with applicable compliance statements.

3: Review the outlined non-conformities or areas of improvement. Take a look at generated summary statistics about your organisation’s environmental performance.

4: Assign tasks to team members in relevant departments. iCOR will alert colleagues if their tasks become overdue, and allow you to sign off any resolved non-conformities.

5: iCOR will create a timeline of actions, audits and more to be used as evidence, and to track your site’s progress towards full compliance.

Why trust iCOR?

iCOR is co-developed by an expert in environmental legislation with years of environmental consultancy experience. Alongside a digital technology expert,  the knowledge and the thinking process behind generating the compliance audits have been carefully incorporated into iCOR, creating an automated and reliable solution.

“We have been using iCOR for the past two years and have found the process of consolidating our environmental legal compliance obligations into one place an extremely useful exercise for our five UK sites. Having expert monthly reviews on changing and upcoming legislation has also proven invaluable for our business and has allowed us to be proactive in our environmental management programmes. We are excited about the audit and collaboration functions of the platform, as this will streamline activities across our sites further and give us a clear understanding of our risks and opportunities in our journey towards environmental improvement and ultimate sustainability.”

Neil Colman, Group Operations Manager, Kiowa Ltd

Why choose iCOR?

iCOR combines expert knowledge of UK environmental legislation and ISO14001 with the genuine desire to help your organisation improve its sustainability goals and stay protected.

iCOR is a disruptor in the legal register assist market. Unlike any other available product, iCOR doesn’t simply provide a wordy spreadsheet, but is a highly user-friendly solution.


No more text-heavy spreadsheets


No more confusing legal jargon


No more time wasted searching through legislation


No more waiting for audit results from an external auditor


No more worry about prosecution

With iCOR your organisation benefits from:


Clear and simple dashboard and easily navigated legal compliance register


Easily understood language with step-by-step guidance


Bespoke applicable legislation for your organisation


Collaboration with colleagues to get the most efficient and accurate audit


Protection against legal environmental prosecution

Once you have subscribed to the software, iCOR will help you to ensure your business is safe for external environmental auditing and will improve your strategies for reaching  ISO14001 sustainability goals. iCOR’s team provides updates on all the upcoming legislation relevant specifically to your industry to keep you prepared and protected.

Have confidence in your UK environmental legislation compliance with iCOR.

Our goal is to make your journey to compliance easy and enjoyable. So, what's the next step?