Confidence in compliance.

iCOR custom builds your legal register with expert knowledge of UK environmental legislation. It helps to protect against prosecution and improves sustainability strategies, aligned with the requirements of ISO 14001.

iCOR is a software solution designed for businesses and manufacturers that uphold or maintain ISO 14001. It is an especially important tool for businesses currently under environmental prosecution to ensure progress and reduce the risk of further investigation.

iCOR benefits


  • A straightforward, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Self-audit, view your legal register, assign actions to team members, and view your compliance history
  • A practical layout for evidencing, auditing and collaboration


  • Enhance your company image by gaining ISO accreditations
  • Save time and money by utilising your workforce efficiently
  • Proactive environmental management in your journey towards sustainability


  • Makes legal compliance quick and easy
  • Developed by experts in environmental legislation
  • Monthly updates to your register
  • Early adaptation for the inevitable rise in environmental obligations

How does iCOR work?

iCOR contains a comprehensive database of current UK environmental legislation, all presented in easily understood language and summarised versions. The intelligent compliance obligations register is built in the following steps:
iCOR - Environmental legislation audit

1: Self-audit

Using an AI-driven, expert-backed, user-friendly questionnaire

iCOR - legal register review

2: Review your register

A bespoke list of only applicable UK legislation, reviewed monthly

iCOR UK - compliance review

3: Review conformity issues

A clear view of where an organisation needs to improve their compliance

iCOR legal register UK

4. Assign corrective actions

Create actions for your colleagues to efficiently solve non-compliances

5: Evidence, and repeat

View a timeline of all actions and events performed within iCOR

iCOR combines environmental legislation expertise and technical capability, using the environmental management framework of ISO 14001 to help your organisation manage environmental risk and improve sustainability strategies.

iCOR’s innovative software structure has been informed by consultation with environmental consultants, auditors and certification bodies, and has been praised for its ease-of-use and level of detail.
iCOR works for your organisation to reduce the risk of environmental harm, investigation, and prosecution. It helps to demonstrate environmental performance to your organisation’s stakeholders.

Have confidence in your UK environmental legislation compliance with iCOR.

Our goal is to make your journey to compliance easy and enjoyable. So, what's the next step?